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Festival Topics

The American Contemporary Skating Festival provides a platform for choreographers and skating artists to share their own contemporary and artistic figure skating philosophies and explore improvisation and dance on ice together. The schedule features a combination of on- and off-ice presentations on a variety of topics like:

  • contemporary and artistic skating philosophies,
  • full body movement,
  • conceptual art and skating,
  • mindfulness practices,
  • movement with partners, and
  • improvisation techniques.

Weekend Choreography Workshop

There will also be a Weekend Choreography Workshop, culminating in a Festival Showcase on Sunday evening where presenters can share new insights gained over the seminar through performance, display works in progress or fully formed pieces, and give an opportunity to the public to witness a new style of skating. This is an opportunity for 5 international & professional choreographers to choreograph on assigned groups of participants who “opt-in.” The participants MUST be present for Friday-Sunday to perform with an ensemble. The pieces are choreographed in 5 hours over the course of the weekend (both on-ice and off-ice rehearsals). The Workshop ensembles will perform their pieces at the Festival Showcase on Sunday night. Maximum 10 skaters per ensemble; limited space available – first come, first served.

From Thu, 9 Jun. To Sun, 12 Jun.

American Contemporary Skating Festival

Everyone has something to share. Everyone has something to learn. This is the key tenet of AIT’s Mission, Vision & Core Values. Open to choreographers, coaches, and professional skaters over the age of 17 who are Intermediate Standard Track MIF level or higher, the American Contemporary Skating Festival is a place for those who are passionate about expanding the art form of skating. Connect with colleagues around the world as you collaborate, create, and learn from each other in an intimate environment through on-and off-ice workshops.

American Ice Theatre
Boston, MA, USA